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NSEA Pop-Up Dressage November 2022

Congratulations to Lulu S for taking a fantastic win in the November NSEA Pop-up dressage with an incredible 77% in Novice 24.
Pop-up dressage is filmed from your own arena at home and submitted online for judging. It’s open to all NSEA combinations nationwide and you accumulate points throughout the year. Tests run from Intro to Novice and it’s a great way to get some feedback without having to plait up and leave the yard!

NSEA Felbridge 3rd and 4th December 2022

It was a busy weekend at Felbridge Show Ground for our NSEA riders this weekend, with lots learnt and plenty of good results too!
Saturday was the rescheduled county qualifiers: In the 70cm Pernille A had a great round to finish 8th!
The 80cm team of Lilly S, Amber B and Chloe B weren’t placed but Lilly and Amber both jumped great clear rounds! Chloe B was also competing as an Individual in the 1m and jumped a clear round to finish just outside the placings.
Sunday was the Grassroots Regional Championships: We had a 50cm Team of Jess R, Florence B, Rosie C and Holly C who gave it a good go but it unfortunately wasn’t their day. However, Holly C jumped a great clear round and would have been 3rd but she wasn’t qualified for the individual final.
We also had Abbie K and Pernille A competing in the 60cm as Individuals. They both jumped clear rounds in a class of over 50 riders. Huge congratulations to Pernille who won the class by over 2 seconds and Abbie finished in 9th!

NSEA BCA 26th November 2022

This weekend we had several riders representing STE at Berkshire College of Agriculture for the County Show Jumping Qualifiers. Lilly S had a great round in the 80cm with Griff for a clear round but just outside the placings.
In the 90cm we had two teams entered. The team of Lulu S, Antonia S, Izzy L and Lilly S finished up 7th with both Izzy and Antonia jumping clear rounds. The Blue Team of Chloe B, Amber B and Inde W didn’t have the easiest time as a team but Chloe did a brilliant round to finish 5th individually with a great clear round.
Chloe B was the only representative in the 1m class and made it count with a super clear round to finish 3rd individually. Well done everyone!

NSEA Coombelands 20th November 2022

A group of three NSEA riders headed to Coombelands on Sunday 20th November to compete in the Eventers Challenge qualifiers.
Pernille A competed in the 70cm class riding well but unfortunately missed out on the top placings.
Lilly S competed in the 80cm and 90cm classes on her two ponies with one amazing clear round and two unfortunate 4 faults.
Lulu S also competed in the 90cm class and also the 1m class on her pony. She placed 5th overall in the 1m class but unfortunately just missing out on qualifying for the Finals at Hickstead.
Well done everyone!

NSEA Sands Farm 13th November 2022

On Sunday 13th November, a selection of riders headed to Sands Farm to compete in a Grassroots Qualifier.
Jessica R, Florence B, Rosie C and Saskia M competed as a team in the 50cm class to come 4th overall, qualifying for the Championships!
In the 60cm, Jessica R, Rosie C, Pernille A and Abbie K went in as a team. Jessica R came 5th as an individual and Abbie K placed 2nd!

NSEA Felbridge 6th November 2022

On Sunday 6th November, we had a group of 8 very dedicated riders (and parents!) brave the elements to compete for STE in the 90-95cm Windsor Qualifier held at Felbridge Showground.
The arena was steadily disappearing underwater and the team at Felbridge did an unbelievable job of keeping the show running and the arena safe to jump in. The conditions were not favourable but every single rider and pony put their best foot forwards and jumped mature and sensible rounds appropriate for the conditions.
The St Teresa’s Blue team of Chloe B, Amber B, Inde W and Lilly S finished on a Team score of 12 penalties for 9th with Lilly jumping a beautiful clear round.
The St Teresa’s Pink team of Lulu S, Izzy L, Antonia S and Lottie B jumped some super rounds to finish in 11th.
Well done everyone and let’s hope the next one is a little less damp!

NSEA Keysoe National Championships 24th October 2022

Today was the final day for everyone at Keysoe and a full day of Plate Championship show jumping and National Dressage finals.
It was a long day with the first riders for St Teresa’s jumping just before 9am and the last rider doing their dressage test at 5.20pm!
First up was the 70-75cm plate team of Amber B, Antonia S, Fenella B and Lottie B. A brilliant performance in the first round left them on a team score of 4 and 2nd place going into the jump off. Four super rounds meant the team finished on 4 penalties to take 2nd!
Then we had two teams in the 80-85cm and they both ended up as teams of 3 which increases the pressure. The St Teresa’s Green team of Amber B, Lilly S and Lottie B rode super rounds to finish on a team score of 8 so just missing the cut for the jump off. The St Teresa’s Pink team of Antonia S, Izzy L and Lulu S all jumped great rounds to take them into the jump off on 4 faults. Despite the jump off not going entirely to plan they still came home with a brilliant Team 8th out of 20 teams.
On to the 90-95cm for the St Teresa’s Navy team. Round one saw brilliant clears for Amber B and Chloe B (who did the fastest first round of the competition by 3 seconds!) and solid performances from Lilly S and Lulu S to take the team forward to the jump off on a score of 4f. Unfortunately, a combination of tired ponies and factors outside our control meant a few poles were rolled but it was still good enough for a brilliant Team 6th!
Last but not least was Cassie C competing in the Elementary dressage, the arena was very spooky and Chloe was enthusiastic but they still managed a very respectable 62% score for 7th.
A wonderful weekend full of fantastic results for everyone. What was most impressive was the way the girls helped and supported each other regardless of how they got on and what the results were. They all rode brilliantly and whatever happened came out rewarding their ponies which is what it’s all about.
We definitely need a few days of half term to rest and recover now! These shows are a massive team effort and a huge thank you to all the parents, friends, siblings and supporters who kept the show on the road, stabling in the pouring rain for four nights or trucking backwards and forwards to Keysoe and back!

NSEA Keysoe National Championships 21st October 2022

The NSEA Championships continued today and there was more success for STE.
Lilly S kicked off the day with an incredible double clear in the 80 JwS (Jumping with Style) a great style mark meant she held on to an incredible 5th place in a super competitive class.
Chloe B was jumping in the 80cm show jumping and jumped a cracking round to finish on a 0 score for 12th out of 200 competitors!
It was lovely to hear that all the riders were enjoying socialising and celebrating with each other tonight, well done girls and good luck to Chloe tomorrow!

NSEA Keysoe National Championships 20th October 2022

Well Done to the brilliant St Teresa’s Equestrian Blue team who have finished a superb 10th place at the NSEA National Championships at Keysoe today.
The team of Izzy L, Amber B and Lottie B all rode fantastically to finish on a score of 4 faults (which as a team of 3 with all scores counting is even more impressive). Just 4 teams finished on a 0 score and none of them were a team of 3!
Top 10 in the country is an amazing result, well done girls!

NSEA Coombelands 15th October 2022

On Saturday 15th October, we had some riders head to Coombelands to compete in show jumping and qualifier classes.
In the 50cm class, a team of Rosie C, Jessica R, and Florence B had a couple of errors and unfortunately missed out on the top placings.
In the 60cm class, out of Pernille A, Rosie C, and Jessica R, Pernille went clear and placed 6th as an individual which qualified her for the Grassroots Championships!
Lilly S competed as an individual in the 80cm and 90cm coming clear on her two horses in the 80cm but missed out on the top placings for both classes.
Well done everyone!

NSEA Felbridge 1st and 2nd October 2022

On the first weekend of October, the team went out to Felbridge to compete in show jumping and dressage.
On Saturday 1st October, Lilly S competed in the 80cm and Izzy L competed in the 80cm and 90cm. Both rode clear in the 80cm but unfortunately missed out on the top placings.
On Sunday 2nd, Lilly S competed in the 80cm, Rosie C and Jessica R competed in the 60cm, Jessica R, Holly C and Rosie C competed in the 50cm, and Holly C and Florence B competed in the 40cm. We’re still waiting for the results for these riders, but the 50cm team did come 5th overall. Well done!
In the dressage, Lilly S rode in the Prelim class and came 5th scoring 69.42%! Cassia C rode in the Novice and Elementary classes and came 6th in the Novice with 67.92% and 1st in the Elementary with 65.71%!
Well done everyone!!

NSEA Felbridge 10th September 2022

On Saturday 10th September, we had a selection of riders and teams who headed to Felbridge to compete in the show jumping and jumping with style qualifiers.
In the 60cm SJ, Jessica R and Pernille A competed as individuals where Pernille rode clear but unfortunately missed out on the placings.
One team entered the 70cm SJ class, Fenella B, Chloe B, Lottie B and Amber B all rode brilliantly with four clear rounds and placed 4th! Qualifying for the Plate Championships!
In the 80cm SJ, Chloe B, Amber B, Lilly S, and Lottie B entered as a team and rode three great clear rounds with one unfortunate 4 faults and placed 3rd overall!
In the 70cm JwS, Fenella rode as an individual and unfortunate accumulated a few faults to then miss out on the top placings.
Lilly S entered the 80cm and 90cm JwS and rode clear in the 80cm with only a few time faults to place 4th and qualified for the Championships!
Well done everyone!!

NSEA Hickstead National Qualifier and Grassroots Championship 24th August 2022

On Wednesday 24th August, most of the NSEA team travelled to Hickstead to compete in the Grassroots Championship classes or the National qualifier classes.
In the qualifying classes, in the 70cm class the team consisted of Lottie B, Joe N, Amber B and Sofie S, with Amber B riding as an individual. Although the team only had one clear round, they placed 2nd overall with Joe coming 4th as an individual!
In the 80cm class, there were three teams competing from the school. Team Blue – Lottie B, Joe N, Sofie S and Amber B, Team Green – Lulu S, Izzy L, Inde W and Antonia S, and Team Yellow – Amber B, Chloe B and Lilly S. All teams and riders rode brilliantly with Team Blue placing 9th, Team Green placing 8th and Team Yellow placing 3rd!
In the 90cm class, there was one team of Cassia C, Chloe B, Izzy L and Lilly S. The riders rode amazing rounds with two clear rounds and came 3rd overall!
In the 1m and 1.10m classes, we had Cassia C who rode really well but unfortunately missed out on the top placings.
In the championship classes, in the 50cm Jessica R and Pernille A both rode really well but unfortunately missed out on the top placings.
Well done to everyone who rode and congratulations to the teams and riders who qualified for the National Championships!!

NSEA Hickstead Hurst Jumping Championships 1st July 2022

On Friday 1st July, we had a team of four riders head to Hickstead to compete in the Schools Show jumping Championships!
The team consisted of Chloe B, Antonia S, Izzy L and Inde W. They all did brilliantly with two clear rounds, one clear with unfortunate time faults and one fence down. The team came 5th overall. Congratulations!!

NSEA Felbridge Sunday 12th June 2022

On Sunday 12th June, five riders headed to Felbridge to compete in the show jumping as teams and individuals.
In the 70cm and 80cm classes, Lottie B (70cm) and Lilly S (80cm) both rode brilliantly with two double clears!
In the grassroot classes, Jess R, Pernille A and Molly M rode as a team in the 50cm and 60cm. Unfortunately, the missed out on the placings in the 50cm, but came 4th as a team in the 60cm!
Well done to you all!!

NSEA Eventers Challenge Championship Hickstead 28-29th March 2022

Over the weekend of the 28th and 29th May was the NSEA Eventer’s Challenge Championship at Hickstead. We had two teams entered in the 70cm and 80cm classes compete!
In the 70cm class, Izzy L, Lilly S, Lottie B all rode clear rounds and they all placed in the top 50 out of over 100 competitors, with Lilly placing 6th!
The riders in the 80cm class, Joe N, Chloe B, Antonia S, continued the clear rounds and the team placed 22nd out of 46 teams!
Well done to you all!!

NSEA Bury Farm Wednesday 13th April 2022

On Wednesday 13th April, two riders headed to Bury Farm to compete in the Grassroots Show Jumping.
Pernille A and Jessica R did brilliantly but unfortunately missed out on the placings. Well done girls!

Inter House Dressage Competition 2022

After four days of riding followed by a team quiz on the week of the 28th March, we are pleased to announce that…
Francis came in 1st place!
With Chelsea B, Angelina J, Hanna K and Penelope B competing for their house.
Ignatius came in 2nd!
Holly C, Connie C, Eva J and Gemma M rode for Ignatius.
Dominic came in 3rd!
Sophie F, Minty W and Phoebe W rode for their house.
And Benedict came in 4th!
With Isobel C, Pascale W, Saskia M and Poppy O rode for Benedict.
Congratulations to everyone who participated and those who stayed for the quiz as well!
We look forward to running this again next year!

NSEA Coombelands Sunday 20th March

At Coombelands on Sunday 20th March, we had a group of individual riders head out to compete at the Grassroots Show Jumping & RPL Qualifier.
In the 70cm and 80cm RPL, Lilly S and Inde W both rode well and Inde placed 10th in both classes, and Lilly placed 9th in the 80cm. Well done girls!
In the 60cm Grassroots, Pernille A rode well but unfortunately picked up some faults which knocked her out of the placings.
Finally, Jessica R rode in the 40cm and 50cm Grassroots classes and rode clear in both classes, placing 6th in the 40cm and 3rd in the 50cm! Qualifying for the Grassroots Championships!
Well done everyone!

BSJA Just for Schools 19th-20th March 2022

Over the weekend was the BSJA Just for Schools Championships! We only had one rider head over to the David Broome Centre in Wales on a trip that took 3 hours!
Jackson B rode in the 70cm and jumped double clears to land 7th as an individual!
Congratulations to Jackson and his sister for doing brilliantly!

NSEA Felbridge Sunday 6th March 2022

On Sunday 6th March, a selection of NSEA riders headed out to Felbridge to compete in the Eventers Challenge and Grass Roots SJ Qualifiers.
For the Eventers challenge, in the 70cm class, Inde and Lilly rode brilliantly with Inde placing 1st and qualifying for the Hickstead Champs!
In the 80cm, we had a team of four riders – Inde, Lilly, Izzy and Antonia – who did amazing and as a team placed 5th! Unfortunately they were just out of the placings to qualify for Hickstead, but a big congratulations to you all!
In the Grass Roots Show Jumping, in the 50cm and 60cm classes, the riders did really well and Pernille placed 4th in the 50cm, qualifying for the Regional Champs!
Well done to you all and good job for bearing with the strong winds that day!

NSEA Merrist Wood Saturday 26th February 2022

On Saturday 26th February, after some swapping around we had two teams head to Merrist Wood to compete in the NSEA Show jumping Qualifier in the 70cm and 80cm classes.
In the 70cm class, the team – Jackson, Sofie, Izzy, Lilly – did amazingly with four clear rounds! The team came first, and qualified for the NSEA Championships!! Izzy placed 4th as an individual and also qualified for the Championships, while Sofie placed 5th just missing out on that qualification, but qualified for the Championship Plate instead! The other two unfortunately just missed out on the top placings. Well done!
In the 80cm, the team didn’t do as well but Lilly and Joe rode two amazing clear rounds. Unfortunately they missed out on the top placings and no one managed to qualify.
Congratulations to you all!!

NSEA BCA Sunday 16th January 2022

On Sunday 30th January, Jackson B headed to Wellington Riding for a BSJA Just for Schools competition.

In the 70cm class, he jumped a double clear and placed 9th!

He then continued on to his first affiliated class and came in 1st place!

Well done Jackson!

NSEA BCA Sunday 16th January 2022

On Sunday 16th January we had some riders head to Berkshire College of Agriculture to compete in the Show Jumping Qualifier.

In the 80cm class, Chloe B rode brilliantly to place 1st!

In the 90cm class, Chloe B did well and came 6th, and Antonia S placed 1st!

Well done everyone!