Universities and Careers

Year 12

The year 12 pupil​s take part in a range of activities throughout the year that support and prepare them for their life beyond St Teresa’s. Pupils engage in a full careers programme throughout the year attending specialist careers lessons weekly.

Year 12 pupils attend the Surrey UCAS convention, hosted by Surrey University, where representatives from hundreds of universities gather to provide Year 12 pupils with information and guidance regarding their university applications. At the conclusion of the Summer Term Year 12 pupils benefit from our annual UCAS Higher Education Event.

This event is a number of days when all pupils learn about and prepare for the completion of their UCAS application. The event is supported by the admissions department of Surrey University and includes events for both pupils and their parents. In addition, pupils enjoy a visit to Royal Holloway university where they experience at first hand a campus style university open day, with the support of our Sixth Form team.

Year 13

Support for Year 13 pupils is second to none at St Teresa’s. We ensure that our pupils are supported to apply to the university or art college which is best suited for the degree they wish to study, and that will complement their learning style.

St Teresa’s staff are fully committed to supporting pupils throughout their application process and beyond. Throughout Year 13 pupils receive two Further Education lessons every week and receive one to one mentoring with each application from our Head of Careers, Head of Sixth Form, their Personal Tutor and their Form Tutor.

In addition, pupils also have the opportunity to undertake mock style university interviews with a university pupil recruitment advisor, to prepare for interviews.

As a school we are highly regarded amongst further education establishments and the Sixth Form team is always on hand on A Level results day to assist with any questions and to support any decision making to ensure that all of our pupils progress to a course of study that they will be successful within and enjoy!

Specialist Application Pathways

Our Medical, Veterinary and Oxbridge pathway is available to pupils from the start of Year 12 and includes trips, specialist seminars, workshops, lectures and one to one mentoring.

This pathway ensures that not only the application process is fully supported but the Year 12 preparation that we ensure all applicants undertake is tailored to the needs of each pupil.Our Art Application Pathway also begins in Year 12 with specialist workshops and one to one mentoring in support of the application preparation. In addition, Art applicants attend a weekly specialist Art Application workshop that supports them with the practical preparation of their portfolio and provides individual support for the completion of their applications and interview preparation.