Visual Arts

The Art Department

Head of the Art Department: Sophie Shear and Jolene Uren

Our team of six art-trained specialists welcome you to our department.
We are very pleased to provide such diversity in learning, within this highly supportive and multidisciplinary environment.

Teaching specialists: Anna Burgess, Rory Flynn, Frances Hawkey, Sophie Shear & Jolene Uren
Art technician – Hayley Huston

From as early as Year 5, we aim to inspire the next generation of artists and designers, with dynamic schemes of work that encompass lots of exciting activities that will develop skills, as well as motivate and enhance pupils’ enjoyment of this subject area.

We achieve this by offering a particularly broad range of disciplines; in Year 8 pupils not only attend general Art and Design classes, they also receive dedicated lessons in Graphic Design and Metals. Further to this, in Year 9 pupils study Art and Design, with the addition of Ceramics and Textiles lessons.

At GCSE and A Level, we are also able to offer three art-based subjects to our pupils; these comprise of Fine Art, Photography and Textile Design.

The curriculum is again exciting with extensive and innovative delivery methods, where we challenge pupils to aim for the highest levels, as well as differentiating, in order to provide a caring and empathetic environment for all.

GCSE & A Level Photography
GCSE & A Level Fine Art
GCSE & A Level Textiles