​Boarding is available for up to 85 boarders on a full, weekly, flexi or occasional basis (subject to availability). We offer this full range of boarding options in recognition of the often busy and complex lives led by modern families, and the need to provide stability and continuity in the lives of our girls, which is vital during their years at school.

We welcome pupils from Year 7 onwards, Pupils in Year 9 are housed in bedrooms of 3-4 girls, and those in Year 10 have 1-2 girls in each bedroom and, those in Years 11-13 have their own study bedrooms.
Friendly, residential boarding staff ensure the needs of boarders are catered for. The welfare of girls is paramount, and our boarding staff is passionate about the pastoral care that our girls receive. We offer a clear but flexible routine that facilitates the appropriate level of monitoring in a warm and friendly environment. We ensure that our boarding routine allows enough flexibility to meet their individual needs whilst allowing themselves to be independent and pursue their interests.

Boarding at St Teresa’s allows pupils to take full advantage of the opportunities and facilities available at school, which day pupils might find difficult to accommodate. For pupils working towards GCSEs and A-Levels, boarding offers a structured environment which is highly conducive to successful study and revision, without the potential distractions.

For parents, boarding offers the reassurance of a stable, happy environment, where the girls are encouraged to develop new interests and adopt a mature attitude to their studies. It is not all work, of course, and there are many opportunities for trips and outings, parties and barbecues which the girls love!