The Sixth Form Enrichment programme is designed to develop the academic studies and to support pupil wellbeing, broadening the Sixth Form experience beyond the A Level curriculum.

Sixth Form Enrichment Sessions Optional Enrichment Opportunities
Sixth Form Sport:
(1 hour per week)The sports programme includes sports games and/or personal training sessions.
(1 hour per week)This is an additional qualification and is an option that can be selected to give you a taste of University style study. It is a research-based qualification, in the style of a University dissertation, that requires 60 hours of independent study over the 14 month course. You are supported with your own EPQ Supervisor and in your weekly EPQ lessons.
(1 hour per week)The careers programme includes specialist speakers from the world of work, University selection workshops, University course selection workshops, UCAS applications, apprenticeships, beyond 18 Leavers’ programmes and interview preparation. The Careers Department also advise on work experience placements.
(1 hour per week)The ethics programme is a course that is for one half term and includes weekly open sessions that you can join to support you to reflect and consider some of the larger questions in life. All students complete this course over the duration of the year.
Supervised Study:

Supervised study sessions consist of silent study time designed to support the independent study required to succeed in any A Level course. Every Sixth Form student is reepq

quired to attend at least three hours of Supervised Study per week in the Reading Room however, you can supplement these three hours with further sessions in your free time. The Reading Room is a silent study space that is available throughout the school day.

Core Maths:

The Core Maths Qualification is an additional qualification that you can select to undertake during your time in the Sixth Form. If you are doing Maths or Further Maths A Level then this course is not necessary for you however, if you are interested in Maths and how it is applied to the real world, Core Maths may be of interest to you. It is a Level 3 Qualification (AS Level) and it will require you to sit an examination at the end of the course. It is accredited and therefore you will gain UCAS points upon certification.

PSHE/ Enrichment Carousel
(1 hour every week PSHE/Enrichment rotate)PSHE: Sixth Form students attend the same PSHE programme, in the Lecture Theatre. PSHE sessions are run every other week for the duration of the Autumn and Spring Terms. In the alternate week, when you do not have PSHE, you will have Enrichment.Enrichment Carousel: All students spend half a term in each of the following groups to experience them all by the end of the year.Volunteering/ Mindfulness/ Current Affairs/Learn a New Skill
(1 hour per week)The MOOCS programme is a rolling programme that launches every term and allows you to undertake online courses, designed and delivered by Universities all over the world. The courses explore an expanse of academic areas of interest that are outside of the A level curriculum. They are independent courses that are delivered online, that you can complete in your study periods or at home. Have a look at the courses that our current Year 13 students have undertaken this year to get some ideas of what is on offer.