School Ethos & Aims

St Teresa’s Ethos

There is no ‘one size fits all’ at St Teresa’s; our girls are individuals and valued as such. No one is invisible, and we know who needs to be stretched and who needs extra help. This commitment to individual care underpins our whole ethos and approach to teaching each and every student within our care. We believe that happy girls thrive.
A ‘can-do’ attitude is encouraged at all times, and a wide range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum enables girls to develop and discover new abilities, interests and talents while they study towards achieving first-rate GCSEs and A levels.

No-one is pigeon-holed. Talent and achievement of all types are praised and confidence blossoms as a result. Our primary aim is, of course, to educate, but to do so in the true meaning of the word; St Teresa’s is not an academic hothouse but aims to draw out the talents latent in every girl so that at St Teresa’s she will become the best she can be. Girls are supported, but encouraged to think independently and to take responsibility for their own learning. This leads to excellent A level and GCSE results from a broad-ability intake.

St Teresa’s Aims

At St Teresa’s Effingham we aim:

  • to encourage pupils to rejoice in and do well through the pursuit of academic excellence across the curriculum and beyond
  • to provide support, encouragement and challenge so that pupils realise their potential and are well-prepared for the future
  • to promote high standards of personal behaviour and the development of moral and spiritual values