Quotes from Parents

“My daughter can’t wait to go to school every morning and talks about her day every evening.”
“I am proud that my daughter goes to St Teresa’s. The school is warm and caring and so much fun.”
“What a good investment St Teresa’s is. My daughter has transformed from a shy anxious girl into a confident vibrant personality-why?- because her talents are valued and nurtured in this wonderful school.”
“I overheard my daughter say to her friend that she wished she was at St Teresa’s as the lessons seem so much better. It made me visit and I have signed her up instantly.”
“All subjects are tracked and monitored daily. Teachers seem to be there at any hour of the day and evening for help… we, as parents don’t have to wait until parents’ evenings to hear how our daughter is doing. We know on a daily basis!!!”
“Reading is no longer a battle. We read every night and she is on her third book this term. I notice that this has already expanded her vocabulary and she wants to watch the news when we go home.”
“I just wanted to express our thanks to the Prep School teaching staff team for the amazing effort that they are putting into the remote teaching we are receiving.”
“We have also really appreciated the assemblies and sports content as this has given a sense of normality for my daughter and a break between core classwork, as would be provided in the normal school day.”
“I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to suddenly have to switch to a virtual learning environment and how hard everyone must have worked to be able to provide the very high level of learning that the girls were lucky to receive during lockdown. I honestly feel that both my daughters were able to continue their learning as well as they possibly could have done. I have always been grateful that we made the decision to move to St Teresa’s but never more so than during this time. It wasn’t just the educational side I appreciated. The teachers have such a lovely caring approach and supported the girls in many ways other than just with their subjects.”
“I wanted to add that I have been so incredibly impressed with the virtual learning programme in place for my daughter and I have been blown away by the quality of the lessons, detailed feedback and pastoral support that has been offered. Thank you so much.”
“As my daughter’s time at the Prep School comes to an end we wanted to say a huge thank you for making her years with you such happy ones. She has blossomed due to the care and guidance of all the staff. She has grown in confidence and most importantly has enjoyed every minute!”