School Fees

Termly Fees Academic Year 2023-24

Fees are per term unless indicated otherwise

School Fees 2023-24 (PDF)
St Teresa’s Preparatory Pupils
Year 3 (7+ to 8+ years) £5,050
Year 4 (8+ to 9+ years) £5,300
Years 5 and 6 (9+ to 11+ years) £5,795
All fees include a mid-morning snack and lunch.
St Teresa’s Senior Day Pupils
General Education including most books and stationery. Parents will be asked to give written consent for any additional books or teaching materials to be charged as extras. All day fees include lunch.
Years 7/8 £6,995
Years 9/10/11/12/13 £7,195
St Teresa’s Senior Boarders
Weekly Boarding (Sunday pm to Friday pm):
Years 7/8 £10,795
Years 9/10/11/12/13 £10,895
Full Boarding:
Years 7/8 £11,995
Years 9/10/11/12/13 £12,195
Flexi Boarding:
Per night, subject to availability £65
Note: Girls in the Sixth Form will be expected to purchase their own textbooks from the school for their ‘A’ level Studies. At the end of the ‘A’ level course these books may be retained by the pupil for future reference while at College or University or sold, if still current and applicable to the course, to other pupils.
Learning Support (Per period): £30 for 30 mins, £40 for 40 mins, £60 for 60 mins

Return fare:

Zone 1 (Annual Administration Fee)
Zone 2 £550
Zone 3 £605
Zone 4 £615


All applications must be accompanied by a fee of £75 to cover registration and entrance exam.
This fee is non-returnable.


On acceptance, parents are required to pay a deposit as follows:

Day Girls £600
Boarders from EU Countries £1.500
Boarders from outside the EU £11,995
This deposit will be held as collateral against expenses incurred during their daughter’s final term at the school (i.e. it will be offset against the final incidentals account and a refund will be made where applicable).

Payment of Fees

Payment both for fees and the previous term’s extras are due on the first day of each term, unless the monthly instalment payment system has been previously agreed. Interest of 3% per annum above the base rate of the School’s bank will be charged on amounts overdue. It should be noted that acceptance of a place constitutes an agreement to pay fees due on or before the first day of each term.

Withdrawal of Pupils

A full term’s notice in writing to the Headmistress, is required before a pupil is removed from the School, failing which a full term’s fees are payable in lieu. Similar notice is required if there is to be any other change in status e.g. if boarding, music tuition, transport or other extra is to be discontinued, failing which a full term’s fees are payable.