Equestrian Team

Alison Craig BHSI, BHS Stage 5 Performance Coach, APC, UKCC Level 3, BD Judge and Youth Assessor, PC Specialist Dressage Coach​​ – Equestrian Director
With 40 years of teaching experience, and a broad experience of the equine industry and competition environments, Alison is uniquely placed to encourage and support our budding equestrians.

Tess Wise BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, BHS Stage 4 Care & Lunge and Riding, APC, UKCC2 – Centre Manager
Tess is our specialist in working with children and teaching in riding schools. She has also worked with RDA, and is working towards her Complete Stage 4 Senior Coach.

Katherine Sayer BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach (Dressage), APC – Administrator
Katherine has a few years of administration experience as well as being a horse owner and rider herself, with also a lot of competition experience as a competitor, as well as some as an organiser.

Georgie Wood BHSAI, PC A Test, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC, UKCC2 – Chief Instructor
A talented event rider, Georgie is an experienced Pony Club Instructor and coach. She brings her energy, enthusiasm and talent to teaching our riders and especially our budding event riders and jumpers.

Mandy Elcome BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge – Senior Groom
Mandy brings her energy and enthusiasm to our team. As well as sharing her own horses with her daughter, Mandy’s experience is being used to work towards her BHS teaching qualifications.

Charlotte Paice BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge – Senior Groom
Charlotte brings her knowledge and experience of working in another riding school to our team. She is working towards completing her BHS Stage 2 and progressing through the BHS exams.

Lillie Turner BHS Stage 2 Care & Lunge and Riding – Groom
Lillie has a lot of experience with horses that she’s learnt from the industry and caring for her own. She is working towards her BHS Stage 3 exams.

Chloe FullerGroom
Chloe has a lot of experience working at various yards and riding schools. She brings her knowledge and enthusiasm to the team, and will be working towards her BHS exams.

Maddi Adams – Groom
Bringing her experience from working in the equine industry, Maddi joins STE to assist in the care of our horses and to progress her knowledge through the BHS exams.

Katie Chapman BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC – Freelance Instructor
Katie has enjoyed a competitive Pony Club career, including eventing and schooling a wide variety of ponies, followed by college, her BHS exams and a wide experience of teaching.
Katie is finishing her studies to become an English and History teacher.

Euan Forbes BHSII, BHS Stage 4 Coach, UKCC2 – Freelance Instructor
Euan often teaches at the local Pony and Riding Clubs, teaching riders of all ages and abilities. He brings his knowledge and enthusiasm to our budding riders.

Kim Spence BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, BHS Stage 4 Care, APC, UKCC2 – Freelance Instructor
Kim is particularly empathetic as a teacher, and brings her talent and experience to our team for our daytime senior riders, as well as occasionally training our staff members.

Judy Lord BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC, RDAGI – Freelance Instructor
Judy brings with her many years of experience in all situations of teaching, including RDA. And she helps our riders in understanding the benefits of refining the basics in order to bring out the best of both horse and rider.

Lucy Collins BHSAI, BHS Stage 3 Coach, APC – Freelance Instructor
Lucy joins us at STE bringing with her knowledge and enjoyment of teaching, including her experience from teaching private clients and from the local Pony Clubs.

Lizzie Pollard BHSII, BHS Stage 4 Coach, APC – Freelance Instructor
Lizzie is an experienced and sympathetic coach who brings her knowledge of teaching a variety of riders.

Evie Bennett BHS Stage 3 Care & Lunge and Riding, PGDip Veterinary Physiotherapy – Freelance Groom ​
Evie came to us from a top-class riding school environment. She is working towards her BHS Stage 4 and has completed her course for her Master’s degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Nottingham University.

Lucy PhippsFreelance Groom
Having worked in a variety of yards and riding schools, Lucy joins our team from helping out as a freelancer. She is also working towards her BHS qualifications.