Academic Excellence

St Teresa’s Prep School offers a rich and varied curriculum aiming for academic excellence at all times. We believe that children excel academically when they are inspired to learn so our curriculum is delivered through a range of exciting and engaging topics and built upon a progressive ladder of skills. Cross curricular links are made wherever possible and educational visits and workshops are planned to complement and embed learning in the classroom. As well as being well prepared academically, an education at St Teresa’s ensures that the children are well equipped for the future so that they can be the inspirational leaders of tomorrow.

Small class sizes, differentiated lessons, and setting in Mathematics from Year 3, ensure that our girls are appropriately challenged and given the best opportunity to make excellent progress. Historically, a significant number of our girls achieve scholarships every year and we are delighted that our current Year 6 pupils have gained: 4 Academic, 4 Sports, 3 Art, 2 Tennis, 1 Drama, 1 Music, 1 Equestrian scholarships.

Specialist Teaching

The curriculum at St Teresa’s is greatly enhanced by specialist subject teachers. The children excel because of the teachers’ expert knowledge and passion for their subject and it is rare to find this quality and range of specialist teaching on offer to prep aged children.



At St Teresa’s Prep school, we believe that it is vital to monitor pupil progress closely so that each child is continually stretched and challenged to become the very best she can be in every area of the curriculum.

In the Autumn Term girls will sit the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT) which assesses individual academic potential and learning preferences, along with a Reading Test which tests phonics knowledge, sentence completion and passage comprehension.

The school also uses the GL (Granada Learning) assessment package which is a standardised assessment system designed to monitor pupils’ educational progress throughout the Primary phase. Originally founded by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and established for over 30 years, GL Education is the leading provider of formative assessments to UK schools.

GL assessments provide an annual assessment of attainment in the core curriculum areas of reading, spelling, grammar and Mathematics. In addition, there is an assessment of developed abilities, which may be regarded as a measure of each girl’s academic potential and preferred learning styles. Comparison of academic attainment, with academic potential, and also with previous academic performance, allows teachers to build a powerful profile of individual progress for every child throughout the Prep School.

The girls are assessed regularly through internal assessments and more formally, using the externally sourced standardised tests in September and May.

Reporting to Parents

At St Teresa’s we understand how important it is for parents to receive regular updates on their child’s progress.
Parents will receive half termly grade sheets throughout the year and a full report at the end of the Summer term.

In addition to this, the school operates an ‘Open Door’ policy and staff are always happy to discuss any issues that arise over the course of a year.