Question Time

18 Nov 2022

The Sixth Form were excited to have been able to participate in a ‘Question Time’ event with some local politicians. We welcomed Sir Paul Beresford (Mole Valley Conservative MP), Brian Creese (Chair of Guildford Labour Party), Zoe Franklin (Liberal Democrat candidate for Mole Valley) and Lisa Scott (Green Party Councillor) to the school. After some preparation sessions with Mrs Marsden-Wilkins, we posed a range of questions to the politicians and listened carefully to the debate and the ideas of various political parties. Some of the questions were: “Do you think anything can be done to decrease the cost of living in the UK at the moment and do you think any steps could have been taken to avoid the economic issues we are facing?” and “Do you think that it is undemocratic for the Conservative Party to be on its third PM without an election?” The session helped them widen their political knowledge and develop their ideological beliefs.