Natural History Museum Art Trip

05 Oct 2022

A-level Art had a wonderful opportunity to visit The Natural History Museum to observe unique and curious pieces of history. The moment we drew close to the building the cameras were out, capturing pictures of the stunning architecture, especially the large, delicately carved columns found at the entrance of the museum. As soon as we walked into the entrance the famous whale loomed over us.
As a group we were able to see the remarkable Dippy, also known as the nation’s favourite dinosaur. We were then able to explore the museum. This included: the dinosaurs, mammals, fossils, minerals, jewels, and my particular favourite, the dodo! We were tasked with taking over 100 photos, 2 detailed observational studies, and, as many continuous line drawings as we could muster.
(Charlotte R, A-level Fine Art student, Art Captain)

The Textiles students enjoyed studying a wide variety of artefacts on display. The exhibited objects such as coral, skeletons and taxidermy animals, where a great source of inspiration that we can later use in the classroom. Everyone had a fun filled day!
(Leah G, A-level Textiles student)

As a Photography student, the Museum was beneficial in taking a variety of photographs. From large scale architecture to minimal objects, capturing the details and working with the lighting. I’m sure
all of us are looking forward to adding this new inspiration into our work!
(Stephanie K, A-level Photography student)