Eco Schools Green Flag

We are extremely proud to announce that St Teresa’s has just been awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag Award in recognition of the environmental work that has taken place over the course of the past academic year. Climate Change and sustainability is without a doubt the most important issue that our pupils’ generation will have to face, and we strongly believe that it is our duty to raise awareness of the impact of the climate crisis through our curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities.

We have a passionate group of pupils who act as our Eco leaders, meeting regularly to discuss ways to make the school a more sustainable environment. Thanks to their hard work we have made improvements to the food waste, recycling facilities around the buildings and worked to make the school catering facilities more sustainable.

Eco-Schools reviewed our application and noted the following:

“We like your approach to appointing the Eco-Committee members. It is wonderful to hear that the process has developed their confidence and skills in leadership, critical thinking and team building! It is clear that your approach to the Eco-Committee demonstrates a proactive, inclusive and educational approach to the programme. It is impressive to see! We also like how your Eco-Committee communicates their work in a variety of ways. You use class discussions, assemblies, your Eco-Board, and posters. You also communicate using the school’s bulletins that are updated weekly with tips to be more environmentally friendly and this is sent to pupils, staff and parents. This approach shows how valued and embedded the ideas underpinning the Eco-Schools programme are in your school! All of these efforts show how embedded the values of the Eco-Schools project are within your school, well done everyone! Congratulations to everyone for the great work you have managed to do. You should all be very proud of your amazing work and the great application you have submitted. You’ve really earned your Green Flag Award! “